“People of Color” Exempt From Wearing Masks

Lincoln County Oregon has decided that because of the risk of racial profiling, People of Color in that county are not required to wear a face mask but if you are white it is the law that you must wear one. The only exemption would be people with certain disabilities & medical condition, and those under 12 won’t be required.

So let’s think this one over..Lincoln County has implemented this law in order to slow the spread of infection but prevent racial profiling according to the original article but haven’t we heard over & over again how the masks are pretty much useless? Dr. Fauci himself has even admitted this so what is really going on with this one?

In our opinion here at NENN, we believe this is just another one of many attempts to cause racial division and is a form of racial segregation. This is designed to cause a select part of the community to resent the people who are getting preferential treatment. Are they are trying to incite anger between the community? Think about this one, if Caucasians were given a free pass on the masks while blacks and other races had to wear them, all hell would break lose!

I just have one question though, I thought that Covid-19 targets “people of color” and is more severe in non-white people. Just who is being targeted here?

Lincoln County Oregon is referred to as a heavily Democratic area and has been since 1932.


NENN 2020

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