Is Biden Really Losing His Mind?

When you listen to the audio recordings of Joe Biden making Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko his lap bitch you can’t help but notice how smooth & coherent he is talking, nothing like the usual rambling confusion & word soup you hear in his interviews and public speaking engagements.

Listening to these audios show a very different side to Biden and it obviously isn’t very pretty. He seems to be annoyed and impatient throughout much of the process but does allow a little praise when Petro accomplishes his assigned tasks and Petro wags his tail like a good boy to hear satisfaction in Biden’s voice.

There has been a lot of talk about Biden’s strange mental status lately because of the strange behavior he has been displaying in interviews and public speaking engagements. He is sniffing hair on children and grabbing at any female of any age that is unlucky enough to cross his path.

And btw, if you can’t help but wonder what Jill really thinks of all of that, don’t because she is clearly very much okay with his openly sexually aggressive behavior towards women & children.

It could stand to reason that perhaps there is a possibility that the fact that he is seemingly not at full mental capacity is just an act? Or has he really been in the basement for too long?

Does it seem odd to you that the Democratic Party who could have many qualified choices to represent them has put someone who is undeniably incompetent to do the job in charge of winning the US Presidency? Why would they do that? Think about it… they are not stupid. They have a specific goal in mind.

Could it be that perhaps they know that things have gone bad and they know that this is not going to go away so they needed a plan?

Could someone who is not at full mental capacity be Tried & Executed?

Could it be that his “last minute replacement” has always been the plan?

This has been in the works for a long time, perhaps many years even.. There has always been a Plan and new plans are created every single day. They count on you to only know what they want you to know because they have trained The Sleepy People to trust the News on our televisions. Wake Up and shut the TV off and do your research people, the facts are there and anyone with a cell phone or computer can find them.

Think for yourself and do your research, it’s your duty to know what is going on with your Elected Officials. No matter who side you are on you need to vote but please educate yourself on the facts first.


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